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Don’t trust us. Trust others.


Don’t trust us. Trust others.

Ahmad @ahmad

I failed my first attempt and was disheartened, but with the tutors of Expert Buddy, I qualified for my re-examination with a good score.

Reez @reez

My whole experience with Expert Buddy was smooth with timely delivery. They are a team of skillful engineering professionals with a good command over all the courses. I highly recommend them for any Engineering subject.

Abdullah @abdullah

I hired the team to assist me with Engineering Economics, and they easily cleared out all my doubts. A very professional and talented team with a good source of knowledge and problem-solving ability. I highly recommend it to my fellows.

Ertugrul Parlar @ErtugrulParlar

I tried their QnA service to get the answers to my questions in several subjects. They delivered the most accurate and well-defined solution on time. The best part was that all the solutions were easy to understand, and the whole process was smooth.

Sajita @sajita

I hired Expert Buddy tutors for three of my exams. The online tutoring service is very well structured and orientated with the schedule, and the tutors were outstanding. All the integrated circuits, electromagnetic, and electronic systems tutors were punctual and accurate. I don’t know about other subjects, but Expert Buddy has some gems for Electronics.

Carl Louis @carlLouis

The tutor helped me solve heat transfer problems for my assignment with great mentorship skills. He answered all my doubts immediately through the online chat service and wasn’t bothered at all, even while answering the basic questions. Thanks to their expert professional team, I could score the best and submitted the assignment successfully.

Elena Alabsi @elenaAlabsi

Before hiring Expert Buddy, I was afraid of failing my mechanics exam, but with their high-end solutions and service, I was to qualify with good grades.

Ben @ben

They have some amazing tutors with expertise in all the subjects of Engineering. Abhishek was a huge help during my academic examinations. He was a perfect mentor, whether talking me out or clearing my doubts. I got help from him in thermodynamics and heat transfer assignments, and they delivered them before the deadline and at a reasonable price.

Khalid @khalid

I hired Expert Buddy to solve my thermodynamics assignment and quiz. Their help landed me to score full marks in both of them. If you are looking for a good tutor and expert guidance in your engineering subjects, then go for it.

Kia James @kiaJames

The Expert Buddy team was extremely helpful during my statistics examination with timely delivery of my assignment and simultaneously clearing my doubts. They helped me score the perfect grade

Shahan Vohra @shahanVohra

The Expert Buddy team was extremely helpful during my statistics examination with timely delivery of my assignment and simultaneously clearing my doubts. They helped me score the perfect grade

Ahmed @ahmed

The Expert Buddy team was extremely helpful during my statistics examination with timely delivery of my assignment and simultaneously clearing my doubts. They helped me score the perfect grade

Rawan @rawan

I loved how they solved my problems and delivered solutions with 100% accuracy. I highly recommend Expert Buddy to all the Engineering students as they have the best tutors for all the subjects.

Nouf Almasouri @noufAlmasouri

They got the best tutors on board to solve the problems in the electronics communication system and electromagnetic problems. I got 9 out of 10 on my test with their precise and quick solutions.

Abdullah Alhammadi @abdullahAlhammadi

He helped me get A+ in fluid, heat, and thermodynamics exams. He is a refined tutor with genuine support and pure mentorship skills, and I recommend Expert Buddy to all.

Kayra @kayra

I am from the University of Sharjah and going ahead with any service without confirming the authenticity. So, I tested them and liked how they delivered the services. They provided me with help in dynamics, feedback control, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and many more. With perfect solutions and timely delivery, they are the best.

Michael @michael

They have excellent electrical and electronics command and a great problem-solving attitude. They primarily focus on the accuracy of the solution and then on the deadline following others. It was wholly a superb experience.

Nawaf @nawaf

I have used Expert Buddy services several times for different subjects, and their team was outstanding every time. They have been a huge help during my mechanical engineering.

Sultan @sultan

They weren’t kidding when they said that they are the experts at differential equations as they proved themselves with mind-blowing results. I got an A+ thanks to Expert Buddy.

Rocco @rocco

They have the best mathematics and physics, teachers. Abhishek was a huge help during my examinations as he delivered timely and accurate solutions to all my related problems. I highly recommend them for Mathematics and Physics.

Ashish @ashish

I was preparing for my quiz, and Expert Buddy tutors were quick and accurate with their live chat solutions. It was short notice, but their timeliness and knowledge helped me on time. I recommend them for mechanical, electrical, and civil.

S Fatima @sfatima

I will recommend it to others and use it in the future. The tutors are highly punctual and skillful in delivering the best solutions related to any engineering subject—amazing work and understanding of the concepts.

Haroon Khan @haroonKhan

Their solutions for mechanical engineering are very clear and nicely present. I got their help to solve the thermodynamics assignment, and the outcome was great. They deliver simple solutions without plagiarism and no hard and fast rules.

Nasser @nasser

Their whole working mechanism is smooth and well organized, and as a customer, I faced no issue at all. It was clear from the beginning and well supported by the team throughout the process. I want to recommend one of their tutors, Abhishek, for Mechanical engineering students.

Youssef @youssef

The Expert Buddy team is a very helpful resource for any engineering student who is facing trouble in solving their assignments, has some doubts, or is looking for the best online tutors. I have hired the team numerous times, and they are always a great help.

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